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Yoga-bility is a 1-hour class that seeks to create release and space in targeted tissues via a combination of yoga and a variety of mobility strategies. Using a variety of mobility tools such as Self-Myofascial Release, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), and banded distractions, we first tenderize the muscles which can get tight from a variety of our daily activities--even including sitting! The goal of the mobility is to creating new space in the body via the release of the muscular tissues. Yoga-bility then utilizes Yin Yoga sequences at the end of class to bypass the muscles and stretch the connective tissues which are the ligaments and tendons that connect our muscles to our bones and our bones to each other. Because the goal of Yin Yoga is, specifically, connective tissue release, these gentle poses are held for a longer time than other yoga poses. During this time, the student is not struggling but instead surrenders into the postures with ease and gentle breath work. No matter whether you run, bike, swim, lift, yoga, jump, play…if you even just breathe, and live, you will find making Yoga-bility a habit in your life not only helps to sustain you in your other activities but that it actually enhances your performance in your other exercise goals and overall raises the general well-being in all parts of life.