Strength & Conditioning Class

Our group class is a continually evolving program that is designed to help all individuals reach their fitness goals. In this class we will test and retest with every cycle to determine each individual’s progress. Cycles last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. This class is designed to improve multiple aspects of fitness such as Strength, Endurance, Stamina, Coordination, Balance, and overall Power output. This class also builds strong team spirit with everyone working alongside each other. We encourage “team” motivation.

Structure of the Strength & Conditioning Class:

Dynamic Activity
Body weight movements are meant to effectively activate the muscles that will be used in the upcoming exercises.

Movement and Mobility
It is important that we spend this time working on movements that help lower the risk of injury, resolve pain symptoms from possible previous injuries, improve mechanics and increase recovery time.

During this time we will develop strength with an emphasis on technique. Proper technique is always more beneficial than a heavy load with bad form. Skills we may focus on during this time range from proper running form to more advanced skills such as handstand holds against the wall.

Metabolic Conditioning
This portion of the class consists of functional movements that are constantly varied and are performed at high intensity.

Cool Down/Finisher
This is normally a slow paced exercise that allows the individual time to recover from the previous exercise. Most often this time is used to focus on core based movements.